What Tactical Vest Does The Military Use?

Tactical military vest

Soldiers wear special vest called tactical vest. These vests are super important because they help soldiers carry things they need and protect them in missions. In this blog, we’ll talk about the vests that the military uses and why they’re so special.

Understanding the Purpose:

Tactical vests are not just clothes for looking good. They have a big job to do. These vests spread out the weight so soldiers can carry their gear without getting slowed down. They have pockets and spots for important things like bullets, first aid kits, and radios.

Types of Tactical Vests:

  1. Plate Carriers:

    • These vests have pockets for hard plates that stop bullets.
    • Soldiers can change the vest based on the mission.
  2. Chest Rigs:

    • These vests are light and good for carrying bullets and important stuff on the chest.
    • They’re good for missions where soldiers need to be sneaky.
  3. Integrated Tactical Vests (ITV):

    • ITV vests mix plate carriers and chest rigs.
    • Soldiers can add different things for different missions.

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Materials and Durability:

Tactical vests are made from strong materials like Cordura nylon. The stitching is super strong, so the vests don’t break during tough missions.

MOLLE System:

Vests use the MOLLE system. It’s like Lego for vests – soldiers can add more pouches and things they need for the mission.

Comfort and Ergonomics:

Soldiers wear these vests for a long time, so they need to be comfy. Vests have adjustable straps, soft shoulders, and places for air to go through.


So, these vests are not just clothes. They’re like superheroes for soldiers. Whether it’s a plate carrier or chest rig, each vest has a job. They help soldiers carry what they need and keep them safe. The strong materials, MOLLE system, and comfy design all make these vests special and important for soldiers on missions.

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