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You’ve arrived at the right place for everything custom patch-related—Orienstar Patches! We offer a large selection of patch kinds, including printed, handmade bullion, PVC, woven, embroidery, leather, and more. Providing you with premium patches that are tailored to your specific requirements is our straightforward mission. We have all the options you need, whether you’re looking for leather patches for their classic elegance, PVC patches for their durability, or precisely detailed embroidery. Orienstar prides itself on creating unique patches that provide a unique flair to your equipment. Discover the ideal patch to showcase your uniqueness by perusing our assortment, all at affordable costs.

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Custom Pvc Patches

Personalised PVC patches are a classy and long-lasting method to add flair to your equipment. Because of their durability, these patches are ideal for outdoor clothing, accessories, and uniforms. PVC patches are a distinctive method to show off your uniqueness, whether you choose complex 2D designs or more elaborate 3D ones. These patches give your items not only flare but also durability because of their resistance to harsh environments. Explore the world of custom PVC patches to find a variety of customisable alternatives that combine durability and creativity.

Tactical shooter pvc patch
Skull pvc patches
Wildcat pvc patches

Custom Embroidery Patches

Personalised embroidery patches give your possessions a refined and unique touch. These exquisitely embroidered patches are ideal for accessorising clothing, bags, and other accessories. At Orienstar, we’re experts at creating superior personalised embroidery patches that capture your distinct style and preferences. Our patches provide a classic way to upgrade your appearance, regardless of your preference for a straightforward style or one with elaborate details. Our embroidery patches are the ideal way to show off your uniqueness because of their sturdy stitching and extensive customisation options. Discover the perfect patch to add some unique flair to your clothes by browsing our inventory today. Prices are competitive.
Tactical embroidery patches battle born
Police municipal embroidery Patches
Custom embroidery patches USA

Customised Woven Patches

Custom woven patches are made by interlacing threads to create intricate motifs. The reason they stand out is that they give clothing or bags vivid designs. These patches are incredibly beautiful wherever you place them and are thoughtfully crafted for longevity. Woven patches give your belongings a unique touch, regardless of your preference for basic or complex designs. Choose a patch to add flair to your products from a variety of reasonably priced options.
Seagull woven Patch
Custom made woven Patches Airsoft
Customised woven Patches

Custom Printed Patches

Personalising your apparel with custom printed patches is a colourful and adaptable option. The delicate details and vibrant colours of your original drawings come to life on these patches, which are made using precise printing procedures. High-quality custom printed patches that skillfully combine visual appeal and durability are our specialty. Our printed patches are great for spicing up clothes, purses, and accessories, whether you want a simple logo or a detailed piece of art. Check out our assortment to see how these patches, which are all reasonably priced, can improve your look and give your possessions a unique touch.
Tactical Printed Patches
Veteran printed Patches
Custom printed Patches

Personalised Leather Patches

Personalised leather patches are the epitome of toughness and classic style. These patches, which are made from real leather, give clothes or accessories a sophisticated look. At the cutting edge of personalisation, these patches provide a blank canvas for straightforward or complex designs, effortlessly expressing personality. since of their robustness, they are ideal for caps, purses, and coats since they provide long-lasting customisation. Discover the elegant allure of these customisable leather patches by perusing our inventory; they are all reasonably priced.
Custom leather Patches
Custom Airsoft leather patches
Airsoft leather patches
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