Airsoft patches

Airsoft Patches

In the realm of airsoft games, airsoft patches give equipment a distinctive touch and combine fashion with individual expression. In addition to withstanding the rigours of outdoor play, these patches, made of sturdy PVC material, provide a canvas for elaborate designs and complex typography. These durable and weather-resistant patches are the ideal addition to any airsoft enthusiast’s collection, whether it’s to promote a team, show off uniqueness, or just improve the appearance of gear. With these durable, adaptable attachments for your equipment, you can explore a world of creativity and customisation.

Custom Airsoft Patches

Do you need personalised patches for airsoft? The property is ideal for you! Our speciality is creating an extensive range of personalised patches at reasonable costs without compromising quality. Making patches that precisely fit your style is our main goal. Our vast selection of designs will suit your needs whether it’s for your team or your own unique style. Our speciality is providing high-quality, reasonably priced patches that add flair to your clothing and highlight your individuality. Armed with our personalised airsoft patches, get ready to make an impression on the pitch!

Make Your Own Patches In 3 Easy Steps

Custom pvc patches process

Patches Categories

Airsoft patches come in a variety of categories, each with unique features to accommodate a range of tastes among airsoft players. Durability and weather resistance make PVC patches stand out as tough choices perfect for outdoor play. Conversely, embroidery patches have finely sewn, elaborate motifs that give equipment a sophisticated, vintage look. A textured, fabric-based solution, woven patches offer excellent details and longevity. Printed patches make eye-catching statements on equipment because they use vibrant colours and designs. Last but not least, leather patches have a classic charm that combines durability and elegance. With the wide range of options available in these categories, airsoft aficionados may show off their uniqueness or team spirit with patches that best fit their tastes,

Airsoft Pvc Patches

When it comes to modifying equipment, airsoft PVC patches are strong and resistant to the elements. These durable patches are made of Polyvinyl Chloride, which means they will last through rough outdoor environments. Showcasing logos, team insignia, or ornate text on uniforms or equipment is made possible by their 2D or 3D designs, which allow for intricate intricacy. PVC patches are an excellent way to add flair and durability to your field gear because they are durable and versatile.

Tactical shooter pvc patch
Iron stroke pvc patches
Skull pvc patches
Orienstar pvc patches

Airsoft Embroidery Patches

Airsoft embroidery patches offer a time-tested and robust way to customise clothing. Crafted using painstaking stitching processes, these patches have sharp details and elaborate designs, making them perfect for displaying team emblems, personal messages, or logos on gear and uniforms. Embroidery patches are a classy method to give your equipment a unique touch while maintaining durability and timeless appeal. They also make a lasting impression on the field.

Skull in boat embroidery Patches
Custom embroidery patches
Custom embroidery patches USA

Airsoft Woven Patches

A durable and intricate method of customising equipment is with airsoft woven patches. These patches, which are made of woven threads and have legible graphics and letters, are ideal for putting team names, logos, or complex patterns on gear and uniforms. Weaved patches are a dependable option for giving your equipment a distinctive touch for Airsoft excursions because of their outstanding craftsmanship and longevity.

Custom woven Patches
Custom woven Patches
Customised woven Patches
Custom made woven Patches Airsoft

Airsoft Leather Patches

Customising clothes with airsoft leather patches adds a level of refinement and durability. These patches, which are made from premium leather, provide a tough yet elegant way to display team insignia, personal artwork, or logos on gear and uniforms. Airsoft leather patches give your clothing a traditional and distinguished look with their timeless appeal and robust structure, making a lasting impression on the field.

Custom leather Patches
Airsoft leather patches
Custom leather Patches
Custom Airsoft leather patches

Airsoft Printed Patches

Discover the difference between airsoft printed patches made of superior quality fabric. Designed to last even the most extreme outdoor conditions, these patches give your gear a unique and personalised touch. They look great on uniforms and outdoor clothing because of their ability to display detailed designs and accurate typography. These patches hold up well in a variety of weather circumstances because they are made to withstand extremely high temperatures. These premium printed fabric patches will enhance your airsoft gear and give a personalised touch to it. They are made to resist the rigours of any adventure.”

Tactical Printed Patches
Tactical Printed Patches
Veteran printed Patches
Airsoft Printed Patches
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